Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I refuse to neglect this blog

Yeah, I need a new post.

No, I'm not going to blog about the elephant in the room...or the donkey as it were. I will write the only blog on the world wide web today that doesn't mention, you know.

But, Adam, can you do that? Can people just avoid such momentous and historical rigmarole?

Yes we can.

Instead, I'm gonna say Happy November 5th to Tara, because "happy belated birthday" is a confession of failure and I'll never be your stoolpigeon, you rats. Happy November 5th!

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and you can see our Militant Language trailer. It's pretty great, but I sure am fat.

Oh, alright. I'll talk about the...damn it...election. Here goes. Fuck you, California. You elected the Terminator because you thought it was funny, you voted to buy weed at the corner store because your collective glaucoma is just so distressing, and now you voted for a Constitutional amendment to formalize your disgusting neanderthal prejudice against my friends? You people don't deserve democracy. Fuck you.

Happy hump day.