Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did you mean 'bloodsport?'

Thursdays are only good for snippets.

I don't have an angle, or a topic, or a real unity of purpose today. My buddy Tony has like a weekend roundup, and I respect that format. I've innovated it to my purposes.

--Is it an organized effort or just a viral fad that is making so many people on Facebook change their middle names to Hussein?

--I was looking at the office supply website and found that for just over a hundred and sixty bucks, I can buy a fifteen gallon, fire-safe garbage can. It's actually a top seller. The trouble is the inherent Sophie's Choice: if my place of business is going to burn to the ground, how do we choose which fifteen gallons of filth and detritus are protected?

--Trepanation Drill has a follower! w00t. It's even better that it's an astute, discerning, and attractive young woman. It's good for marketing. Now that we have a respectable poster-child, all you buck-toothed yokels I asked to hold off can go ahead and sign up.

--Militant Language opens tomorrow. <--That link means I don't want to be redundant and type all the info again. Get me? What the page doesn't say: there's nudity, and my head is shaved.

--My Doctor Dictionary word of the day is "misprize." Blogspot's spell-check doesn't think "misprize" is a word (did you mean 'moisturize'?) I'm not surprised. Blogspot doesn't think "trepanation" is a word...nor "doesn't"...nor "Blogspot", for that matter.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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